How can I roleplay a character that doesn't speak English when I, the other characters, and their muns are English speakers and don't speak my character's native language? (asked by Anonymous)

Oh, I love this question!  I play multi-lingual characters myself frequently, and I’ve come to realize that generally (unless there’s a native speaker in your group who can translate accurately for you), if you and your other group members don’t speak the language the character is speaking in, it’s usually okay to go with a generic internet translator, like Stars21, Babelfish, or Google Translate.  That way you get to have the character speaking their native language IC as well as a basic feel for exactly what they are saying (and since it’s just roleplay, it doesn’t really matter that the autotranslated bits be painstakingly accurate, grammatically).

If you want, you can format your posts to put the dialogue from another language in their normal line of dialogue in italics with an asterisk (i.e., “Het enige een gesien my vader?”*) and then put the translation at the bottom of the post as an addendum, in smaller text if you so choose, like a footnote (i.e., *”Has anybody seen my father?”).  Or, if you wanted to, you could just write the dialogue in English with specification that it’s in a different language in the non-dialogue parts of the post (i.e.,”How are you?” he asked in Arabic), or use different punctuation around your “non-English” English (i.e., “I am fine” for English versus <I am fine> for Russian).

Hope this helps! :) <3




Blue, brown, and green eye colors


and she blinked her chartreuse eyes at him getting lost in the sea of his gunmental blue orbs

I'm stuck on ways to get my character from the future to the past when she has no motivation to time travel. However, I don't like the idea of the character getting sucked into some randomly appearing time portal unless she or another character does something to make it appear. Any ideas? My character is a celebrity in the future, if that helps. (asked by Anonymous)

I’m not sure whether your time-travel story is meant to be more fantasy or science fiction, but some cause and effect methods for time travel I can think of off the top of my head would be:

  • Following someone else through a time rip (natural or artificial) in order to retrieve something, in an attempt to question them, or by accident (see: Kate & Leopold).

  • Exploring, utilizing, or even accidentally finding her way through one (possibly of several) naturally-occurring rips in time (like a wormhole) that only a few people know the location of or how to properly use them (see: THOR: The Dark World).

  • An enchanted, cursed, or otherwise otherworldly-type object (an amulet, a book, etc.) that, once picked up (and opened, if it’s a book), transports the person who found it back to the time period/place wherein the object was cursed or enchanted to try to resolve the issue tied to its enchantment (see: John Carter of Mars).

  • An object like the aforementioned, but one that’s specifically meant to transport someone to a different time/place if picked up and chanted to/used a certain way (see: Harry Potter or MIB3).

  • A naturally-occurring phenomenon (i.e., a comet) that causes an inexplicable connection between the last time it occurred and the current time of its occurrence, allowing communication or even travel between those two given points in time (see: Frequency).

  • She participates in an experiment having to do with FTL travel (currently deemed impossible, but this is roleplay, maybe it works there!).

I don’t know how common time-travel is in your roleplay, but here are some if there is such thing as casual time-travel:

  • For sport (see: A Sound of Thunder).  Something could go wrong with the contraption and it could leave her stranded in a different time period, though, completely unprepared, if you want to go that route.

  • As part of a larger investigative project (see: Timeline).  She could be there for a purely press-related reason (“the first celebrity to time travel” or something to that effect) and then something goes wrong with the machine and she ends up stranded back in time.

  • A copy of her from the future (distant or not so distant) comes to tell her that unless she changes something at a set time in the past, something horrible will happen in the future (to just her or to a larger group, depending on your preference).

These are just a couple of ideas (since I’m not sure of the whole story behind her time travel adventure), but if there is another member of your group whose character seems to be more inclined towards time travel than yours (or at least the science or study of it) perhaps they will be more able to help you to figure out what would be viable for your current roleplay setting depending on their character’s current level of skill?  Who knows, with luck, maybe they’ll even be able to help her get back to her current time in one piece!

I hope this helps! :) <3


Send ✚ for a HEALTH headcanon.
Send ♕ for a CHILDHOOD headcanon.
Send ✿ for a HAPPINESS headcanon.
Send ␛ for an ANGER headcanon.
Send ♆ for a BODY headcanon.
Send ϡ for a MENTAL STATE headcanon.
Send ღ for a LOVE/SEXUALITY headcanon.
Send † for a RELIGION headcanon.
Send ✄ for a PET PEEVE headcanon.
Send ☂ for a FOOD headcanon.

When you make an original character and you're starting out, how much of their history should you post on their info page? (asked by Anonymous)

Oh, good question!  When making an original character with a completely original history, you should post as much of their backstory as is relevant in explaining where they came from (their circumstances, not necessarily the exact location they came from, unless you want to) and what circumstances or events in their life up until now made them the way they are today.  This helps to build them into a more believable, three-dimensional character!

In actuality, there is no right or wrong length when it comes to character history.  If you want to post a novel-length, in-depth history for your character that explains every little possible thing about them up until their current situation (and constantly update it as they finish threads/arcs), great!  If you would like to leave a few things out or ambiguous for the sake of revealing them at some later date as part of a character development plot, that’s great, too!

If you would like to say something to the effect of “nobody knows what his/her story is, or where he/she came from”, then you’re perfectly within your rights to do that as well!  This sort of ambiguous background inspires the greatest sense of mystery about the character, but at the same time it sometimes runs the risk of backing the character into a corner of being ~that mysterious vagabond~.  Remember, even Strider had something of a backstory when he was first introduced!

Remember, not everything you put into your character’s history has to be taken as gospel when it comes to their history - you can “spice it up” at any time with little headcanon factoids or detail alterations as long as the changes do not completely change the character at his/her base.  If you would like to rehaul your character completely, however, you are perfectly free to do that as well, of course - just be sure to tell your partner(s) that you will be doing it so they will not be surprised by the sudden and unexpected change of characterization!

Hope this helps! :) <3

I want to create a separate Tumblr account, instead of a sideblog, for my RP character. So that means I have to get a new email address. I anticipate to play more characters, but I don't want to have to create a bunch of email addresses that I won't be using other than for account confirmation. Would using a disposable address, like those ones that expire after 10 minutes, for a Tumblr RP blog be a good idea? Or do you recommend using a permanent address like Yahoo or Gmail instead? (asked by Anonymous)

Whatever would be preferable for you!  I don’t think you need to log into the e-mail account after initially using it to make your Tumblr account except to verify your account firstly (and maybe not even then?  I haven’t created a new Tumblr account in ages) so it doesn’t really matter which one you choose (unless you anticipate having to reset your password at a later date).

Personally, I’ve always used Hotmail addresses to create separate RP blogs, since they’re easy to register and free, and while they might expire if you don’t use them actively, I believe(?) the account name will always be registered/reserved and cannot be taken over by someone else if you fall inactive on that e-mail account.

Also, only marginally related to this Ask (since you know what you’re doing already when it comes to this) - while it might seem more convenient to make character blogs as attached sideblogs, sideblogs cannot independently follow other blogs!  So unless you want your characters to all be following the same blogs, this idea of creating different e-mail accounts to register each character under is probably for the best.

Hope this helps! :) <3

I've never used a playby before. The first one I want to use doesn't have any GIFs except for ones that would be useless for roleplay; it's a singer and all he has are tiny GIFs of him singing on stage. He does have a lot of interviews and a couple music videos on YouTube, so I want to make GIFs using that footage. The problem is, I'm not sure what expressions or actions to look for when making GIFs that will be useful. (asked by Anonymous)

Good question!  Some useful expressions for a character’s reaction gifs (off the top of my head) are:

  • Anything that looks like the character existing in a normal setting, or like something he would do unprompted that (ideally) doesn’t involve talking (like smiling, an intimate shot of them playing an instrument (if your character plays an instrument), etc.).  This is useful for his “at rest/generic” appearance/character .gif.

  • Grinning, frowning, shrugging, nodding, shaking his head, any extreme emotion (horror, amusement, etc.) - anything that could potentially be used to answer a forseeable question asked of the character.  It’s always useful to have multiples of these, if at all possible.

  • If you want to include text in your .gifs, you could make .gifs of parts/quotes from your playby’s interviews/stage performances that you feel represent an aspect of the character accurately (for instance, if your character is a foodie and your playby does an interview where he says “I love food” - that’s great!  Use that.)

  • Bedroom eyes.  Bedroom eyes are always fun.  Or any other .gif you feel might be useful should your character find his way into, er, sexier situations (doesn’t necessarily have to be NSFW, could also be things like lip-licking, the once-over look, a particularly smarmy smile, etc. - these can also be used to answer questions asked of him, so it’s not necessarily only useful for those “specific” situations!). c;

  • Emotional moments, if at all possible (I don’t know who your playby is so I’m not sure what sort of material is available in his music videos) - laughing/happiness, crying/sadness, anger/frustration, etc.  These are useful for in-context reactions (i.e., during the course of a roleplay, as opposed to for the sake of answering individual questions asked of him).

These are just the bare-bones basics, as I’m sure you’ll come across the need for more, different reaction .gifs as your character continues to interact with others and grow as a character, but for now, if you can get these, I think that will be a good place for him to start!

Hope this helps! :) <3

I'm sick of being the blog that always sends asks, what do I do. (asked by Anonymous)

All I can think to do is to stop sending Asks.  What’s more than likely going on is that people think that you enjoy sending the Asks you do, and they, of course, enjoy receiving Asks from you.  So when those Asks are no longer coming, people will begin to miss you and your Asks, and may be inclined to send you Asks, themselves, to perhaps prompt you to send Asks in return.

Other things you can do that might help your situation more actively is to make a post saying you will send a character Ask for every character Ask you receive (a one for one type deal, so whoever sends you an Ask is also benefiting themselves in the same way), or a post speciically asking people to send you Asks for whatever reason - such as Magic Anons, ask your character things about themselves, using the Ask format for IC text messages, whatever seems most relevant at the time.

It never hurts to ask to be sent Asks, as it’s always possible that people will only start sending you Asks if you specifically ask for them to be sent to you.  I know it’s frustrating that people often don’t think to send Asks of their own accord, but more times than not it simply doesn’t occur to people unless they’re specifically prompted.  It’s not that they’re being lazy or spiteful, they just don’t realize that some people who send out a lot of Asks might want Asks in return.

Hope this helps! :) <3

A few pointers on writing a character who lost someone important in their life


Whether it’s a family member, a relative, a friend or even an enemy that your character lost, that certain person is still important in your character’s life, and losing that person probably has quite an impact on your character. Below are a few pointers to keep in mind if you are writing about a character who lost someone important in their life.

  1. Know your character’s relationship with that said person that he/she had lost. Consider about what your character thought of that person when he/she was still alive, and what part did the person played in your character’s life. For example, if it is a sibling that your character lost, understand how your character saw that sibling when he/she was still alive. Were they close? Or did they fight all the time? Did your character look up to his/her sibling, or did he/she get irritated at the sibling easily?
  2. Understand how the death of the person that they lost happened. Was it an accident? Did he/she commit suicide? Or was he/she murdered? How it happened might affect how your character thinks now, and it might also affect your character’s views on the person they lost.
  3. Think about your character’s personality. It may sound weird, but your character’s personality plays a big part on this. If your character is a quiet and reserved person, then he/she would obviously hate talking about the person’s death. And if he/she is this loud and confident person, then he/she would probably hide the fact that the person that died’s death had affected them. They’d probably try to get on with their lives and pretend that they’re 100% okay.
  4. And lastly, did your character’s views on the important person changed after their death? If it was an enemy of them that died, did it make your character feel sorry for that said enemy? Or did it make your character feel victorious? If it was a sibling or parent, did it make your character feel resentful that his/her loved one had left them behind?

Hey there. I was just wondering how to get followers to roleplay with, because right now I have, what, 1 follower? So I would really appreciate some help with that C: (asked by Anonymous)

Are you/your account/your character part of a group, or are you a drifter/indie blog?  Even if you are not interested in joining a group, groups relevant to the nature of your blog (genres, fandoms, etc.) are often good places to find people to roleplay with.  There are some people who will only roleplay within groups, so you might not have much luck with them, but chances are there will be at least one person who will be interested in roleplaying with a character/roleplayer outside of their group.

From there, it’s mostly a matter of networking, looking for people who also interact with the person(s) you are roleplaying with (sometimes they may even come to you!), or checking the suggested blogs that pop up on the sidebar (if you have not blocked this function with xKit) to see if any of them are blogs you might have an interest in roleplaying with (or at the very least reaching out to, since, again, not everyone is always open to roleplaying with independent blogs/blogs outside of their established comfort group).

Another good way to find people interested in roleplaying with you is to post advertisements for yourself/your character/your roleplaying account in relevant tags - if it’s a fandom, tag it with “[fandom] RP”, “[character] RP”, and if you’re feeling bold, “[character]”, and if it’s an original content RP, then perhaps “[genre] RP”, “[type of character] RP”, and “[genre]” (though again, if you do decide to put your advertisement into the general genre/character tag(s), be sure to include those “[insert] RP” tags as well so people not looking for RP tags/blogs don’t have to see it if they would prefer not to).

Another recently answered ask having to do with this that might offer some additional help or insight can be found here.  When asking a question, it can sometimes be helpful to check the FAQ to see if someone has asked a similar question before, as the answer they received may be able to help you out as well (or possibly even better)!

Hope this helps! :) <3